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Heating and Air Conditioning FAQ's in South Elgin, IL

My house went from 75 degrees to 69 and my furnace is not coming on. What can I do?

Reasons Your Furnace May Not Turn On

Thermostat error/malfunction: One of the first things to do when your furnace won’t turn on is to see that the thermostat is set correctly. An error with a programmable or digital thermostat could mean the furnace doesn’t think the house is cold enough to require it to provide heat. The thermostat could also have faults so it is sensing the indoor temperature incorrectly. This latter problem will need professional repairs.

Tripped circuit breakers: This is an issue not only for electrical furnaces but also for many gas-powered furnaces that use an electric igniter. A power surge along the line could trip one of the circuit breakers without you realizing it. Check the electrical panel to see if you can restore the power. Some homes have a switch in the mechanical room with the furnace. Check the switch as well. Many times we find the switch has been accidentally switched to the off position. In our home it looks just like a light switch and the kids have turned it off in error.

Failed pilot light/ignition: The pilot light can go out on a gas or oil furnace, which means the burners will not be able to ignite. If you can’t relight the pilot light on your own, you will need an HVAC technician to examine the burner unit and discover if there is a gas flow problem or excessive dirt along the burner. For electric-powered furnaces, ignition failure will prevent any of the heating elements from activating.

Check and change the air filter: If you haven’t kept up with the furnace’s preventive maintenance, now’s the time to contact your trusted HVAC professional at Airomatic Heating and Air Conditioning. Dirty filters, clogged blowers, closed or blocked registers will all affect the furnace’s performance and an expert can service this issues.